Complimentary Phone Consultation. 484.680.2538.  Your initial phone call consultation is free and typically lasts 20-30 minutes.  We will discuss your areas of concern and which types of projects you have in mind. 

In-Home consultations are available, though not all projects require them.  After our initial phone consultation we will decide if an an in-home consultation is appropriate.  If it is, I will plan a visit to your home or office to learn about the layout, assess the area to be organized, decluttered or designed.

Multiple solutions for space planning, storage solutions and resources for discards will be discussed.  These sessions run from 60-90 minutes and are billed at $75.

Project Planning & Implementation will begin after our initial phone call or in-home consultation.  We will work together throughout the process to develop a plan for your space, including use of space, organizing systems, removal of discards and your specific goals.

This is a fluid process and project times depend on a variety of factors such as your goals, lifestyle needs, budget and level of participation. Hours will vary by scope of the work to be done as well as the size of the project.  Please refer to the general time estimates for basic ideas of times.

Organizing Agreement  Before our first session an agreement for services will be emailed for you.  This will include the personalized project plan as well as an estimate of hours and fees.

General Time Estimates for some of our most popular areas of service. 

       Garage: 8-12 hours             Kitchen: 6-8 hours                  Office: 4-8 hours

Bedroom: 6-8 hours            Master Closet: 6-10 hours     Kid/Linen Closet: 4-6 hours

Rates Services are billed hourly at $75/hr.  Travel and shopping times are also included at an hourly rate of $75/hr and will be billed in .5 hour increments. Supplies purchased are reimbursed with payment, or purchased independently by the client depending on their wishes.

Payment Checks, Cash and Venmo are accepted.

Session Hours Monday through Saturday 10am to 4pm

                          Sunday 10am to 2pm

      *additional hours and times may be available upon request.